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Strategic Focus

The Strategic Directions 2013-17 (PDF 148KB) publishes the mission of the State Library of Western Australia as being to enrich the lives of Western Australians by:

  • enabling access to resources for information, learning, enterprise and recreation; and 
  • collecting and preserving our social and documentary heritage for current and future generations.

Our strategic directions reinforce the State Library’s leadership role, its role as an enabler and its client service focus. It continues to recognise the unique and powerful partnership it enjoys with local governments and public libraries in Western Australia.


The State Library of Western Australia comprises five directorates:

Client Services

The Client Services directorate supports all State Library clients, whether online or visiting the building, in meeting their information needs and enhancing their visitor experience with the Library.  The directorate provides reference and enquiry services, both face-to-face and online, as well as providing support in using the library’s equipment and accessing the library’s collections.  Additional services include lending and document delivery services.  

Collection Services

The Collections Services directorate leads and develops the State Library’s collections through the identification, procurement, processing, storage, preservation, management, distribution and accessibility of all the Library’s collections, both physical and digital.  The directorate ensures that all collection materials are discoverable and accessible for clients, and are managed and stored in such a way to ensure their long-term viability.  The conservation of materials and reformatting, including digitisation, of collection items are also a focus of the directorate.  In addition, the Collection Services directorate is responsible for the support and management of library systems and ensuring that the data for collection items are widely and globally discoverable.

Community, Learning and Discovery

The Community, Learning & Discovery directorate delivers services and programs to engage and enrich clients’ experiences in connecting with the Library’s resources. These include educational programs, tours, workshop and training sessions, author talks, exhibitions, events and resources that showcase the State Library’s collections and services.  The directorate also provides support for Western Australian public libraries, and high-level reference and research support relating to the Library’s specialist areas, including Western Australian history and genealogy.  In addition, the Better Beginnings family literacy program is part of this directorate.

Strategic and Corporate Services

The Strategic & Corporate Services directorate supports the organisation in the areas of strategic projects, budget planning, information and communication technology, corporate services and building management.  Finance and human resource services are provided in collaboration with the Department of Culture and the Arts and the Office of Shared Services.


The Executive area manages support services to the Chief Executive Officer, the Library Board of Western Australia and other strategic partners.  This includes providing policy advice and research support on issues and trends relevant to the State Library and the Library Board.  The internal audit and marketing and communications functions are also managed by the Executive area.

Last updated on: 01 Dec 2017