Donations & Purchases

The State Library collects published and unpublished Western Australian materials for the J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History collection of the State Library of Western Australia and welcomes donations related to this collection. This includes anything about or from Western Australia or about and by Western Australians.

Materials about private individuals, businesses, places, organisations and clubs maybe important. Similarly family journals and letters, business papers, club registers, photographs, oral histories and music sound recordings. These collections all add to the social history of Western Australia and place into context the lives of individuals, the background to places and social clubs and help bring together information about companies that operated or are still operating in Western Australia.

People wishing to donate material to the State Library should contact the Collection Liaison Team who will advise if the material is suitable based on the Library's collecting policies.  

Donations of Original Material

If you are interested in donating original (unpublished) records to the State Library for inclusion in the Western Australian heritage collections please use the following documents:

The information on parts 1 and 2 will guide you as you classify and list your own records.  You are the best person to do this as you are familiar with the material and it will assist the Library in cataloguing any items accepted.

Please email the completed listing to the Collection Liaison Team. Collection Liaison staff will review the list and contact you to discuss the items you are offering. If the material is unsuitable they may suggest another organisations which would appreciate the material.

If you do not wish to part with an original document, then you may consider lending the material for copying. The State Library will make a copy and return the original to you.

Cultural Gifts Program

The Cultural Gifts Program encourages donations of culturally significant items from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives by offering donors the following tax incentives:

  • Deduction for the market value of gifts
  • Exemption from capital gains tax
  • Option to apportion the deduction over a period of five income years

Donations must be accompanied by at least two valuations of the current market value of the gift, provided by approved valuers. The cost of obtaining valuations specifically for this program can also be claimed as a tax related expense.

The Cultural Gifts Program is administered through the Department of Communications and the Arts .

If you are considering making a donation to the State Library under the Cultural Gifts Program please contact the Collection Liaison Team.

Suggest a Purchase

The State Library may also make purchases of items to enhance its collections. Items for purchase may be suggested or recommended.  Items are acquired through contracted suppliers which are selected through a formal Government WA tendering process. This applies to materials which are not received by Legal Deposit or Donations.

The Library welcomes suggestions for new additions to the State Library collections. All suggestions are considered in light of the Collection Development Policy.

State Library members can make a suggestion by completing the Suggest a Purchase form. To help us follow up on your suggestion, please give us as much detail as you can - including title, author, publisher, date of publication, ISBN or ISSN number and/or relevant web address where possible. Please direct any suggestions for additions to the Public Library collections, to your local public library.

Last updated on: 26 Mar 2018