Read This and Be Smarter

The State Library of Western Australia promotes literacy for all ages. To this end the ‘Read this and be smarter project’ has been developed.

It’s really simple – reading makes you smarter, and probably a tad more attractive.

In the near future to help you with this mission – you know – becoming smarter, and a tad more attractive - from Monday to Friday the State Library will provide a link to a short piece of writing that you can access free.

The link will be supplied through the State Library social media channels including Facebook, Instagram ( no link but a reminder) and Twitter.

The content will be provided by a range of quality publications including Granta, Westerly, Ted, Nextdraft, and a special series on young writers curated by a talented young Western Australian poet, Anthea Yang.

Today is just a taster of things to come - just click on this– and be smarter.

This story is supplied by Granta – one of, if not the best publisher of contemporary writing in the World. Today it's reportage about the Rwandan genocide – originally published in 1995, shortly after the events themselves in 1994, and republished recently as part of Granta’s 40th-Birthday celebrations.

Last updated on: 30 Aug 2019