Computer Access

To book a computer you must register with the State Library. This will allow you to make a computer booking for up to an hour at a time. You can make a booking for today or tomorrow.

If you plan to use the Library’s services over a long period please register and receive your membership number and library card. If you are a short term visitor you can register as a guest. Computer bookings can only be accessed once you have registered on our computer booking system. Please click the following links to register or book computer access or find answers to other questions about our computer booking system.

Several of the computers offering access to the Library Catalogue and Internet are now available with a large text display for easier viewing. Each computer is clearly labelled as having large text display, but please ask staff for directions to the closest large text computer if you cannot find one.

20 Minute Express computers are available in the Discovery Lounge on the ground floor of the Library and do not require a booking.

Last updated on: 16 Oct 2017