Microform readers and scanners

The Library is equipped with analogue micrographic readers. The Library also provides digital microform scanners that are capable of high resolution scanning of microfiche and microfilm only. The scanners allow you to scan microform images, print and save them to USB devices. The analogue micrographic readers and scanners are located on the first and third floors of the Library, while the scanners are located on the third floor.

16mm film player

The Library provides a 16mm film player on which you can view State Library, State Film Archives and National Film and Sound Archive films. The film player is located on the third floor of the Library.

LCD TVs, VHS and DVD equipment

Widescreen LCD televisions, video and DVD players are located on the first floor of the Library. You may view State Library and National Film and Sound Archive videos and DVDs on this equipment.

Headphones for purchase

Headphones are available at The Discovery Store. The headphones may be used to listen to sound files on all of our Internet computers.

Last updated on: 20 Dec 2016