Study Space

Looking for somewhere quiet, convenient and packed full of past papers and study guides? Visit the WACE Study Space at the State Library.

Study guides and past papers are available at the Group Study Area, 1st Floor from June until December.

Study Tips

Tips for getting useful search results: 

  • Keywords: Write as many words down that relate to your topic or question. Think laterally. Use the thesaurus to get synonyms (words with similar meanings).
  • Phrase searching: Use quotation marks " " to keep search terms together. For example "Gold mining" will only find information where the words 'gold' and 'mining' are together.
  • Truncation: Unsure of spelling, or wanting to expand your search results? Use the  * Asterix to truncate your word! For example cens* will find all words starting with the letters 'cens' including censer, censor, censured.
  • Location, location, location!: Do you need to restrict your search within Australia only OR should you do a World Wide Web search?
  • NOT - Using the minus sign - in your search box excludes words that you don't want to appear in your search results. For example; gold mining-jewellery, will exclude results with the word jewellery.
  • Publishers: Who do you think would publish or create the information you are looking for? For example; Federal or State government?; newspaper article or journal?; private business or non-government organisation?
  • Subject headings: Use the subject headings from the library catalogue to expand your search, or find topics that might relate to what you are looking for.
  • Electronic resources: Electronic resources offer you a wide range of full text articles, images, journals, and maps on-line. You can access a host of articles from home using your public library card.
  • Find a Library!: Visit your local library or come into the State Library. Don't forget to bring all your research with you.
Last updated on: 19 Jun 2017