Get It! a Member Service

Borrowing from Other Libraries with Get It!

As well as borrowing direct from the Library, State Library members can also borrow from other libraries, using Get-It!.

Items ordered can be collected from the Welcome Desk on the ground floor of the State Library of Western Australia; delivery times vary. Items not collected after seven days will be returned to the lending library.

Fees may apply for some items. Where fees apply, advice will be offered and payment requested, before these loans are arranged. Some additional conditions may apply to rare or high demand items.

Get-It! can also be used to search for, place, track, renew or cancel requests. All loans supplied using the Get-It! service must be renewed through the Get-It! "My Requests" link.

The Get It! online service provides online How to Search/Request assistance. 

Last updated on: 07 Mar 2017