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Membership at the State Library of Western Australia is free for all residents of Western Australia.  As a member you can borrow books and other items from our collection and access a range of ebooks and other electronic resources, many that you can use at home.  

If you are not a Western Australian resident, you can still become a member to use our computers and access a selection of electronic resources in the State Library.

How to Join

Register as a new member.

Already a member? Login into My Library Card.

Members must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership (PDF 65KB)

Members under the age of 18 require the signature of a parent or guardian (PDF 119KB)

Membership types

Membership Types Eligibility Requirements Benefits
Individual Western Australian residents Identification showing address
Register onsite or offsite
Valid for 2 years
Borrow and copy approved items
In house and remote access to eresources
Retrieval of items held in Library stacks (Storage)
In house access to:
Computers, internet, printing and photocopying
Guest Travellers, homeless and visitors

Ask staff for a temporary login
*Identification required if accessing special collections

In house access to print items
In house eresource access
Student Under 18 years Parent/guardian Declaration
Valid for 2 years
See Individual
Company, business or organisation Registered company, business or organisation Contact and position details of two staff members
Valid for 2 years
See Individual

Renewing or Updating Your Membership

Your membership card is valid for two years.

If you have lost your card, have changed your contact details or your card is due for renewal, please telephone 9427 3111 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m a member of my local library.  Can I join the State Library too?

Yes. You need a separate membership card for each library.

2. Can I return books borrowed from the State Library to my local library?

You can only return to the local libraries those State Library books which have been borrowed from the local libraries using the Inter Library Loan service.

3. Why are some local library books labelled with the State Library stamp?

The State Library provides some stock to each local library. Items provided by the State Library are labelled with the State Library stamp.

4. Can I get my local library to order books from the State Library for me?

Yes. Ask for the Inter Library loan service.

5. What can I borrow from the  State Library?

Not all library items are available for loan. Rare, valuable or heavy demand items, as well as all materials from the J S Battye Library of West Australian History are available only within the Library building during opening hours.

6. For how long  are items available for loan?

Books - 4 weeks
Orchestral sets and playsets - 3 months

7. How many items  can I borrow at one time?

Up to 8 items at a time may be borrowed. Your membership card is required to borrow or renew items.

8. Can I borrow  items stored in stack?

Yes, as long as they are loan items.

9. Can children join the State Library?

Yes, children are welcome to join the library.  You will need to  complete a consent form (PDF 119KB) for them to use the Library computers or borrow items.

10. What’s the difference between the Borrow Direct service and  the Get-It! service?

Both services require your Library membership card. The Get-It! service can be accessed online and provides access to the Inter Library Loan Service.  Borrow Direct is only available if you are in the State Library building.

11. How do I check-out what I borrow?

If you are in the State Library building, bring your item to check-out at the ground floor Welcome Desk; our friendly staff will help you.  If you are using Get-It!, the online screen will prompt you.

12. Where do I return the items I have borrowed?

Return them to the Welcome Desk on the ground floor. You’ll see the loans sign there.

13. If I need the item longer the due date, can I extend my loan?

Provided no-one else has requested the item, you can renew the loan for one additional period.

14. What happens if I lose or damage the item on loan to me?

Take care of the items you borrow as a replacement cost will be charged for items that are not returned or that are damaged beyond repair. An administration fee will also be charged for each invoice sent.

15. How do I borrow one of the Library’s e-books?

Find the title you want listed on the Library catalogue. Click the link on the catalogue record and be ready to enter the details from your Library membership card on the screen.

16. How do I return an e-book when I’ve finished reading it?

After being available to you for 5 days, the system will close access to the e-book.

17. Can I get journal articles or chapters of books copied and delivered to me?

Yes. Copies of microfilmed records are also available. Use the Library’s Document Delivery service.

Last updated on: 08 Feb 2018