National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) is a leading library sector collaboration, delivering value for the people of Australia and New Zealand. The ten members are the National, State and Territory libraries of Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to achieve more through working together.

Our libraries are at the centre of the cultural and creative life of our jurisdictions. We enable people to access, use and share local and global knowledge and ideas. We have a legislated role to collect and preserve cultural heritage and to make the intellectual and historical record of the 21st century available for the future.

We connect people to information and to each other; we create opportunities for creativity; we engage diverse communities; we are trusted collaborators with public libraries and many other partners; and we inspire learning.

NSLA is the shared voice and peak body for these leading libraries. Our collaboration respects and appreciates their different environments and priorities, and delivers results for each jurisdiction. Since 2007 NSLA has undertaken an extensive program of activity to maximise the benefits of this partnership. Our libraries share strategic thinking, expertise and specialist solutions; our collaboration aims to increase productivity and achieve better outcomes.

Last updated on: 20 Dec 2016